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Studio Info —

Land & Air Photography is the Phoenix-based studio of commercial photographer John Williams.

Client List —

Bagatelos Inc.
Guardian Glass
Coldwell Banker
Remax Gold
Keller Williams
MoonDance Painting
Curington Construction LLC.
Reliant Capitol LLC.





The Company

Shooting with the GoPro camera rejuvenated the love for photography, discovering again how much enjoyment and value the craft provided. Eventually my equipment grew to include larger cameras and drones. Everyone with a camera dreams to make a living with photography, and while accessibility to the tools are abundant I saw opportunity to leverage my own capabilities to add value where it’s needed.

Real Estate photography quickly advanced into Architectural shoots. Not only did this allow my creative side to take advantage of the outdoors and capture some truly amazing spaces, but I found a commodity many in the industry were lacking when it came to communicating with clients and delivering what they actually need.

Stunning images and video certainly draws someone to search out a professional photographer, but for me it’s simply the result of an inclusive and dedicated client-centric experience. Land & Air Photography has come to represent the craft from a different point of view, and for my clients that means unparalleled service, the knowledge & experience to capture technically brilliant photos, and doing so in a way that truly creates the most genuine visual representation of your brand, your products, your building, and even yourself.

Telling a story with an image goes beyond the frame. Land & Air Photography is committed to learning and showcasing every detail that makes you, you; from breathtaking aerial video, memorable headshots, and anywhere in between.

A Drone Certified Company based in Surprise, Arizona. Land & Air takes pride in supporting our community and local small businesses. We regularly donate our time and service to charitable causes and organizations so please don’t hesitate to contact us to network or let us know where we can help out.

John is amazing, I expected an artist, but he is that and so much more.
— Melinda Bagatelos

John Williams, 

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Land & Air Photography was started in 2015 by John Williams, who decided to turn his love for photography into an enterprise.